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Personal Development

Humans grow and develop by learning new skills and acquiring additional knowledge. Relations Media summarises the entire process of learning and acquiring skills and additional knowledge in a Personal Development Programme.

Community Building

Like modern activists of Community Building efforts, we perceive of Community Building as a means of increasing social justice and individual well-being as well as reducing the negative impact of disconnected individuals.

Corporate Governance

We adopt the Australian Standard definition of Corporate Governance (2003) according to which Corporate Governance is the process by which organisations are directed, controlled and held to account.

Relations Media

“Not what it is, but what it should be.”

Our Justification

Community Leadership has traditionally been mistaken to be a function of government and the involvement of the ordinary person has often been marginalised. In its mandate to involve all citizens in issues of national interest, Relations Media encourages the participation of individuals with skills and knowledge of Community Leadership & Community Development. This engagement is meant to create positive and strong human relations, and problem-solving capabilities in our area of work.

In other words, we attempt to hatch and define our own understanding of community leadership as already echoed in our motto, Not what it is, but what it should be. The motto simply emphasises that Community Leadership & Community Development can no longer be restricted to government or similar institutions as it was before; and that community leadership is everyone’s responsibility irrespective of your profession.

Our mission is to bring together authorities in the different professions and institutions to enhance Community Leadership and Community Development for good and better human relations.

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We are a team of professionals providing expert advice to individuals, communities and organisations about Community Leadership & Community Development.

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